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All WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships photos provided by the Official Event Photographer, UltiPhotos. Check out their amazing WUCC 2018 coverage at: where you can browse their daily highlights and search for your favorite teams and players!
Learn more about our Official Event Photographers, Kevin, Jolie, Paul, & Billy below:

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Meet the WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships Official Event Photographers!

Kevin Leclaire is the Founder of UltiPhotos. He has covered over 100 Ultimate events since 2006 and has been an official tournament photographer for local, national, and world championships in the youth, college, club, and masters divisions, including WJUC 2014, WUCC 2014, and WU23 2015. Kevin's photos have been featured in newspapers, magazines, and national news media as well as by WFDF, USA Ultimate, and other Ultimate federations to promote the sport around the world. He played Ultimate competitively for 16 years before retiring. Kevin created UltiPhotos in 2008 to showcase the amazing action and the wonderful moments experienced in the sport of Ultimate. In the past 10 years, over 60 photographers have contributed thousands of days of photography to cover over 600 Ultimate events for UltiPhotos.

Please visit the Kevin Leclaire Photography Facebook page and @LeclairePhoto on Twitter

(Photo credit: Marshall Goff for UltiPhotos)

Kevin Leclaire
Jolie J. Lang

Jolie J Lang is a photographer from New Jersey, as well as the UltiPhotos Managing Director. She has been playing and photographing Ultimate since 2009, when she joined Ramapo College’s RC Hammer. Her first international tournament was WUCC in Italy in 2014, and she has since traveled to London twice for WU23 2015 and WUGC 2016. Jolie routinely over-packs her schedule with travel tournaments, and has covered USAU National Championships in every division since joining the team in 2013. When she isn’t off covering tournaments, she works behind the scenes to keep the UltiPhotos ship running smoothly.

(Photo credit: Daniel Thai for UltiPhotos)

Paul Rutherford has been photographing sports in Boston, MA for three years, covering everything from local high schools and colleges to the Celtics, Red Sox, and the Boston Marathon. He has covered USA Ultimate's Beach Nationals, D-1 College Championships, and Club Championships since 2016, as well as local tournaments around New England. UltiPhotos named him Photographer of the Year in 2016 and 2017. Paul’s photos have appeared in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, The New York Post, USA Today, regional newspapers, and national news sites.

(Photo credit: Kevin Leclaire for UltiPhotos)

Paul Rutherford
Photo Bio #4

Billy Dzwonkowski, a native Floridian, started playing ultimate and started his photography career in 2007. He first played for an intramural team at his college. That grew into a love for the sport, which took him to a more competitive level, and he joined his first club team in 2009. Ultimate and photography fight for his time, as he is also a very accomplished wedding and portrait photographer, making club season difficult to play. Billy joined the UltiPhotos team in 2015 and has covered numerous events since joining the team. Here are a few photography accolades:

  • 4x Bay Area Professional Photographers Associations Photographer of the Year
  • Florida Professional Photographer's Degree of Photographic Excellence
  • Florida Professional Photographer Top 10 Photographer
  • 2017 UltiPhotos Action Photo of the Year.

(Photo credit: Kevin Leclaire for UltiPhotos)