Tournament Information

Important team information is posted below.

WUCC Pre-event timeline:

Team Pre-Registration (online form for all teams to fill out)

27th July - 15th September, 2017

Bid Allocation & National Federation team nominations

21st September, 2017

Event Bid List Published

After 1st October, 2017

Team Registration & payment

1st October – 30th November, 2017

Rosters Locked

30th April, 2018

WUCC Event Dates:

Event Registration

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th July, 2018

Captains’ & Spirit Captains’ Meetings, Opening Ceremony, and Opening Game

Saturday 14th July, 2018
* It is expected that ALL TEAMS will attend the Captains meeting and Opening Ceremony - Please plan your travel accordingly.

Regular Round Games and Semis

Sunday 15th - Friday 20th July, 2018

Finals, Medal Ceremony & Closing Ceremony

Saturday 21st July 2018

Fee Structures:

WUCC 2018 Fees (USD $) due BEFORE these dates. * Note that final charges will be adjusted for transaction fees.

Team Fees



by 31 October, 2017



by 30 November, 2017

Player Fees



by 31 January, 2018



by 30 March, 2018

Other Fees



by 30 March, 2018

Visa Information:

Further information about acquiring travel visas for the event can be found on the International Page.

Travel Insurance:

The United States Health Care system is based on individuals carrying their own insurance. WFDF and Cincinnati LLC, the tournament organizing committee, does not provide coverage for players. There is always a risk associated with playing Ultimate. Although we will have medical staff on site to deal with first aid and assess critical injuries, there may be injuries in which players need medical attention that requires emergency visits to local hospitals. Therefore, we are requesting that players and teams acknowledge these risks, understand that WFDF and the TOC can not be held liable for these, and can alleviate some personal financial liability by purchasing their own traveler's insurance to make sure they are covered for any medical issues that arise.