Uniform Requirements

Uniform Requirements

WUCC 2018 will follow the current WFDF Rules of Ultimate guidelines on uniform requirements. Refer to Appendix C on page 13 for exact wording on uniform requirements.

Please check our FAQs. We will be updating this page with answers to all of your questions, including Uniform requirements.

You can download the logo by clicking on the image below.

* Any teams competing at WUCC 2018 are permitted to use the official logo on their uniforms. Official logo must be no larger than 4” (10cm) wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform (light and dark competition jerseys and short only). Single-color use of the event logo is approved (i.e., all white, etc.), as long as the entire logo is produced in the single color. The logo colors cannot be altered in any way other than for single-color use. The WUCC 2018 logo may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear off the competition field (Hats, long sleeves, warm-up kit, gear bags, drink bottles etc.).

WFDF's Major Sponsor and Official partner for Merchandise and Apparel VC Ultimate has generously offered a large discount for anyone getting uniforms made. Please see details below.

VC ULTIMATE - Sponsorship offer for all teams competing at WUCC 2018

Congratulations on qualifying to be one of the teams representing your country at the WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships! As WFDF's partner, VC is lucky to be the official merchandiser for this tournament - we're already working on producing the absolute best WUCC gear we can for all of you. As part of our partnership with WFDF, VC offers all competing teams a 25% discount on uniforms for the event. We'd love to sponsor your team for the WUCC 2018 and are proud to offer you the following benefits:

  • 25% off on all VC uniform orders. All pricing in Canadian dollars.
  • 3 hours FREE art time.
  • 2 FREE fully sublimated team banners.
  • A complimentary professional team photo session on site at the event with our event photographer, with access to all the photos, of course!
  • FREE shipping to any address in Canada or the US*, or hand delivery to the event in Cincinnati. (*This means no duty or sales tax on your order, if you're receiving it in the US.)
  • As always, VC has no minimum sublimation for orders, including tank or long sleeve versions of your main uniform jersey.
  • Full access to VC's product line with your team sponsorship discount, plus extras like hats, neckies, bags and discs!
  • Additional on-site perks at the tournament!

Questions? Comments? How can we help? Please contact us ASAP (info@vcultimate.com) if you are interested in working with VC so we can hit the ground running in the new year. Best of luck as you prepare for 2018!